Easter Basket filled with the traditional foodstuffs each having a symbolic meaning in the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Blessing of Easter Baskets

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Lenten Easter is on April 1st, 2018
Orthodox  Easter is on April 8th, 2018

Here is a small selection of  lovely photographs of Easter Baskets that were blessed April 30th, 2005, Saturday evening at 6:00 pm at the Ukrainian Senior Citizens Home of St. John,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Reverend V. Bilous from the Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral of St. John's, Edmonton, Canada conducted the liturgy.
 Photos: Phyllis Basaraba, owner of Ukrainian-n-Things Website.

Easter Basket 1

Easter Basket 2

Easter Basket 3

Easter Basket 4
Phyllis Basaraba, owner of

Easter Basket 5

Easter Basket 6

Easter Basket7

 Easter Basket 8

Easter Basket 9

Easter Basket 10

  Easter Basket 11

 Easter Basket 12

Easter Basket 13

Easter Basket 14

Easter Basket 15

Easter Basket 16

Easter Basket 17

Easter Basket 18
The priest blesses the 
baskets with Holy water

Easter Basket 19
Rev. V. Bilous

Easter Basket 20


Click on  baskets to view  larger images and see the foodstuffs that were prepared 
Prior to Easter is the Lenten period of fasting and abstaining from meat and dairy products. We, in Alberta, Canada prepare Easter baskets just like as our relatives in Ukraine filling them with sausage, garlic, salt, smoked meats, butter, cheese, beet horseradish relish, pasky - paska - traditional Easter bread, Babka, pysanky and krashanky - hard boiled eggs dyed in one color. All these foods take on a symbolic meaning which refer to the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.
 The baskets are covered with beautifully embroidered linens saying  Khrystos Voskres meaning Christ has risen, to which the reply is Voiistynu Voskres - He is truly risen.   At the conclusion of the service, rows and rows of food-laden baskets with a lighted candle in each are blessed by the priest.  The congregation sing a hymn to proclaim that "Christ has risen".


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