Pamphlets on Ukrainian Culture
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Literature 1
$10.00 each




           This research was done by two University of Alberta Professors, John-Paul Himka and Frances A. Swyripa. It was compiled by Gregory Gresa in 1995 from texts by Jeff Picknicki, University of Manitoba. The authors say that Ukrainian surnames were basically from four sources: 1) first names, 2) the names of places of residence or ethnic origin, 3) the names of occupations or professions and 4) from individual physical or psychological characteristics. This pamphlet contains basically thirteen classifications of origin and meaning of Ukrainian surnames. Cover is cardstock paper. 8 1/2" x 11 ". 6 pp. Canada. 

Literature 2
$10.00 each



          This pamphlet was researched and translated by Phyllis Basaraba for the purpose of giving her Canadian relatives an understanding of  beliefs and rituals  practiced by the relatives in Ukraine. Ukrainian life predominately revolves around the calendar and day-to-day events - basically the life is cyclic or predictable. Some forty main religious holidays were chosen as an event to explain its meaning and origin. Much folk belief or superstitions are associated with these 40 some mentioned holidays that follow the calendar year. Contains a bibliography of authors from Ukraine.
 Cover is cardstock paper. 8 1/2" x 11 
". 7 pp. Canada.  

Literature 3
$10.00 each



              Written by Phyllis Basaraba. I was motivated to do research on Ukrainian folk beliefs and rituals when I observed so many of these new practices to me  while visiting relatives in Ukraine. Every day was governed by some belief that "we were not supposed to do". Many of these beliefs seemed irrational to me but my relatives believed in them most sincerely. Through out the years of visiting I have become accustomed to the beliefs and have been able to understand the their reasons for them. It is just a cultural diversity but most interesting. There are many books in both Ukrainian and English on this topic as in reality there are reasons for their beliefs just as there are reasons in other countries. 
             The pamphlet contains interesting examples of beliefs such as: a young girl can sit at the corner of the table or she will never get married; if you forgot something, you must never return to fetch it; make sure you do not have any holes in your pockets on New Year's Day or else you will not have any money for the rest of the year; on certain days of the week, do not let a "evil" person into your house - this can go on and on. There are also interesting antidotes and stories about folk belief in this article. Bibliography. Cover is cardstock paper. 8 1/2" x 11 
". 7 pp. Canada.  


Literature 4
$10.00 each


           Translated and written by Phyllis Basaraba. Again I researched this topic for the benefit of my Canadian relatives and for my own interest as well. The Ukrainian village folk were farmers, agrarian in their livelihood; lived off the land and still  do so today. Every month has its own important duties and tasks, which had to be attended to and completed. 
           Each month was so named (married together) according to the signs of nature - meaning the the main significant event which was happening in nature at that time dictated the name of the month. There are many beliefs and legends associated with naming the months. I include a small paragraph on how the days of the week received their name. Bibliography. Cover is cardstock paper. 8 1/2" x 11 
". 4 pp. Canada.    


$10.00 each


Written by Phyllis Basaraba. Again I researched this topic for the benefit of my Canadian relatives and for my own interest as well. I had many sources over my years of studies as well practical experience. This article covers a brief history of Ukraine, when Christianity was introduced to Ukraine; its years of trials and persecutions. I mixed in some statistics and focused more on my experiences in the last 12 years or so. Here I state the facts of the lives of the village folk, the government, the education and so on from a first hand experience. My main source for the background of Ukraine is the Travel Book the Lonely Planet as references are quite up to date, which was published in 1996. Bibliography. Cover is cardstock paper. 8 1/2" x 11 ". 8 pp. Canada. 


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