Young Hutsul Dancers wearing the traditional bright & vibrant colors. Sleeveless & short vests (Keptars) headpieces, Hutsul hat, embroidered blouse & shirt are part of the costume shown here.

    Everything Hutsul! 
Keptar, hats, headpiece, & more

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Loom woven sash
3" x 3 1/2' long
4 in stock
$25.00 ea.

Hutsul Headdress
$49.95 ea.

20" diameter - inside measurement. 1" elastic at back covered with a pom-poms.

Group of girls dressed in their brightly colored Hutsul head dresses, keptars, embroidered blouses.

Hutsul Keptar 1
Chest - 42"
Length - 26"

Hutsul Vest 1a
Front view of Hutsul
vest - keptar
 Hand sewed with the traditional styles. No animal skins used. All hand
 stitched; lined 
with medium weight fabric.

Hutsul Vest 1b
Back view of Hutsul vest.
Imitation Persian lamb used for front, neckline underarm and bottom

Hutsul Vest 1c
Enlarge Back view of Hutsul vest. The proper name is keptar - is a short sleeveless fur cloak. The many colored decorations of the garments were influenced by the neighbouring Romanians south of the Carpathian mountains.

Hutsul Keptar 1d
Enlarge Back view of Hutsul vest. The keptars have deep, low armpits. The name keptar originates from the Romanian word meaning chest, breast, bosom.

 - O.Voropai "Ukrainian Folk Wear, Kyiv:Oberih, 1966, Pp.474-476.

Hutsul Hat 1
Inside diameter 21 1/2"
$40.00 ea.

Hutsul Hat 2
Inside diameter 21 1/2"
$40.00 ea.

HUTSUL Dancers
from the Kolymaiia, a well established town, not far from the Carpathian mountains and the area where the ethnic tribe
 of Hutsuls live.

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