An enlarged view of
 Wedding Rushnyk 12.
Embroidered is the motif "circle of life"

   Traditional and Beautiful
 Embroidered Wedding Rushnyky
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 Rushnyky Page 1
                      The rushnyky are easy to wash. Wash in warm ordinary laundry soap. Gently squeeze, rinse, hang to dry. The      fabric will become a bit stiffer which is nicer. You can iron on very low heat. Colors of threads do not run.
Use a toothbrush to comb the fringes.

Wedding 12`
Wedding Rushnyk
13"  x 74"
$99.95 ea.

 Wedding 12a
Enlarge view of the center of rushnyk. Thread colors - burgundy & deep wine.  Embroidered on a Heavier weight of Aida cloth.  Swans mate for life. If one is ill or close to death, the mate will never leave it. Colors are cherry red and deep wine.

 Wedding 14
Wedding Rushnyk
1 in stock

13"  x 76"
$99.95 ea.

Wedding 14a`
Enlarged view of wedding rushnyk 14 with the doves.  Ukrainian words on other side - "na dolia" means for good fate-destiny. Embroidered on the other side are the words  "Na shchastia" .Colors are cherry red and deep wine.


 Wedding 16
 Wedding Rushnyk
13"  x 80"
$109.95 ea.

 Wedding 16a
Enlarged view of swans and rings.  Ukrainian words  "na dolia" and "Na shchastia". Colors are  red and brown. The wedding rushnyk is starched.

Wedding 18
 Wedding Rushnyk
13 1/2"  x 72"
$99.95 ea.

Wedding 18a`
A enlarged view of the top pattern of  the wedding Rushnyk.  Colors are cherry red and deep wine. There are 4 double rows of cutwork. 

Wedding 18b`
The doves holding the rings.
Rushnyky are starched.

Wedding 20
Wedding Rushnyk
13 1/2"  x 74"
1 in stock
$99.95 ea.

Wedding 20a
A enlarged view of center pattern.
Colors are burgundy and deep wine. The wedding rushnyky are starched.

Wedding 20b
A enlarged view of doves holding wedding rings The words say" Na shchastia" - means "to have good luck, good fortune, joy, love - the best of everything in life. Ukrainian words on other side - "na dolia" means for good fate-destiny. Swans are embroidered with the wedding rings.

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